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Volunteer at the Center

Front Office - Our front office is entirely staffed by volunteers.  Each day these folks take meal reservations, book trips, classes and events.  They sign up new members and handle the meal monies.  It’s a blur of activity and fun.  More importantly, our office volunteers know that without their help, the ESC does not operate!


Driving - Our bus drivers are also volunteers.  Monday through Friday and Sunday, a different volunteer picks up and returns diners to our dining room for a mid-day meal.  They also deliver meals to those who are homebound—or otherwise unable to come to the ESC.  Because our bus only seats 14, a CDL license is not required. Though the shift is only two hours, each bus driver enjoys a free lunch on the day he or she drives. Our great drivers also know that they are making meals possible for individuals who might not otherwise enjoy a hot meal—or (if they travel to the ESC) enjoy the fellow wonderful fellowship of our ESC community.


Computer & Marketing - We have “techie” volunteers who desktop publish our monthly newsletter—populate our Facebook page—and maintain our website. Other volunteers work on a project basis, producing posters and other marketing materials for our many classes and events.  Volunteers also maintain our computers and our internet connectivity.  These volunteers keep the ESC linked to the world!

We also have a great team of volunteers who help with our meal program.  Some of the work is on specific projects.  For example, we need lots of folks to help us process and freeze the wonderful harvest produce donated to us each summer and fall. 


Special Events - We need volunteers to help with our big meal events. Other kitchen volunteers pitch in with dish washing and staffing our Friday breakfasts. Most individuals volunteering in our kitchen will need to acquire a Washington State food handler’s permit.


Writing - The ESC can always use good writers.  We produce a lot of copy at the Center:  for newspapers and newsletters—for our website and Facebook pages—for grants and other fundraising documents.  If you can write—we can keep you busy!


Decorating - Finally, the cozy comfort of our Center depends upon wonderful, seasonal decorations.  Our events also need the production of creative ornamentations. If you are handy with crafts or a glue gun—the ESC is looking for you.

There is no age requirement for ESC volunteers—you will find our Center served by individuals ranging in age from 10 to 90+ in years.

All individuals volunteering four hours in one day at the ESC enjoy a free lunch that day.

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