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ESC Thrift Store

    Open:  Wednesday - Friday  10 am - 5 pm          Donations accepted: Monday 8 am - 12 pm;  Tuesday - Sunday 8 am - 5 pm

604 Basin NW, Ephrata


Our Treasure For Sale

14K Diamond Ring
Size 9
7 diamonds
If interested, ask Managers Tandra and Roberta for assistance.

Spring 2024 Thrift Store News

Spring is coming despite the cold mornings! The Spring Equinox begins on 3/19/2024.

With the eminent arrival of spring, our local community is already blessing the ESC
Thrift Store with great donations. These honored donations are vital to the ESC Thrift
Store, and the Ephrata Senior Canter. We encourage the accepted donations to be
dropped off in the receiving area, and the scheduled donations to be picked up on
Mondays by the ESC Thrift Store.

Once the donations arrive, they are carefully sorted by a dedicated team of volunteers
and employees and placed in designated departments on the sales floor. The proceeds
generated by these combined efforts directly power the ESC and the ESC Thrift Store.
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