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Ways to Give

The ESC is 95% supported by funds generated through the ESC, the ESC Thrift Store —from grants—and through generous donations from our members and the larger Central Basin Community.  Less than five percent of our funding is provided by any government source.  Our membership augments our very tight operating budget through the contribution of over 1,000 volunteer hours per month.  We are very grateful for any assistance we receive.  Our mailing address is 124 C Street NW, Ephrata, WA  98823.

The Ephrata Senior Center is registered as a tax exempt 501c3 organization.


  • Donate to a specific ESC program

  • Donate to general ESC operating expenses. 

  • We are especially grateful to local businesses and organizations who designate the ESC in their budgets as a part of their annual philanthropic giving.

  • Every financial gift—no matter its size—is greatly appreciated by our organization


Call 509-754-2382 if you have questions about making a financial donation to the ESC.  Funds may be mailed directly to the ESC.

In Kind Donations

  • The ESC is the grateful beneficiary of many in-kind donations—food, equipment, furniture, etc. Call 509-754-2382 if you are interested in making an in-kind donation to the Ephrata Senior Center.

  • Our ESC Thrift Store is entirely stocked by “gently used” donated items.  We sometimes arrange donation pickups at your home or business. Call 509-754-9605 for Thrift Store questions.


Tax receipts are provided for in-kind donations.


Drop-Off Information

ESC Thrift Store is located at 604 Basin NW in Ephrata.

Our donation area is open:

Sunday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We cannot guarantee security of your donated items if left after-hours.

A large, covered truck can be scheduled to pick-up larger loads.

ESC Thrift Store DOES NOT accept  television sets, or heavily worn furniture or clothing.  Occasionally we accept “nearly new” mattresses.

In Memorium

Families often donate to the ESC in honor of their loved ones.  A record of donors and amounts contributed are available to each family.  Call 509-754-2382 for additional information about In Memorium gifts.


Funds may be mailed directly to the ESC.

Endowment Fund

  • Some donors choose to make an annual contribution to the ESC endowment fund—where their actual gift is protected—and the ESC enjoys the funds generated from the money’s prudent investment. 

  • Other donors remember the ESC through bequests or other financial provisions made in their wills. 


Please call 509-754-2382 if you are interested in making an endowment donation to the ESC.  We are honored to help you learn how to include a bequest to the ESC in your will.

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