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Exercise Classes

It WORKS... You'll be stronger, have better balance and feel better.

It's SAFE... The instructors are experienced and skilled. Each class will be talored to fit individual needs. 

It's FUN... You'll meet other seniors and make new friends!

It's FREE... 

What to expect:  

*   1 hour of exercise 2 to 3 times a week

*   Classes are taught by qualified senior fitness instructors

*   You can sit or stand.  Exercises are adapted for all levels of physical ability

*    Exercises are specifically designed to help maintain and improve your balance and mobility.

*   Registration paperwork and a physician release are required for enrollment.


Beginning Class in Gentle Yoga

*  Have you ever wondered about adding the practice of yoga to your life?

*  Are you intrigued by the idea of being able to calm your mind and relieve stress while improving     your strength, balance and flexibility?  

*  Are you lacking in “Me Time” and longing for an hour just for yourself each week?

When:  Every Tuesday at the ESC

Instructor:  Terry Troutman

Price:  Just $22 per month or $8.50 per drop-in session

All ages are welcome

Call 509-754-2382 today to reserve a space or ask for more information. 

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