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ESC Thrift Store



COVID-19, Phase 1

At pickup, remain in your vehicle and wear PPE


  • View sale items above


  • Call 509-754-9605 to reserve your purchase. Leave a message if we don’t answer.


  • On sales day, arrive at your reservation time. Please remain in your vehicle and wear PPE (facemasks).  Thrift Store staff will accept your payment and deliver your purchases at your car. 

  • Different departments featured on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

  • Listed prices are non-negotiable.


  • ESC Thrift Store is following Washington State’s COVID-19, Phase 1 regulations.  Your cooperation in following all rules will make our Phase 1 Sales a success.  Thank you!


We are currently not accepting your donated items.  However, monetary contributions are especially appreciated during this challenging time.


Please share our COVID-19, Phase 1 Sales with your friends!

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