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Item #9

Lee Reynolds2.jpeg

Measures 4' X 3'


Item #11

10 Nintendo Game.JPG
10 Nintendo Games.JPG

Nintendo Game console, two remotes, connections. and 8 games, valued at $248

Our Price $124

Item #10

Games include:

DrX Mario     Double Dribble

Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles      Sesame Street 1 2 3

Sesame Street A B C     Tetris (Two of Them)

8a Comics.jpg

Comic Magazines, valued at $200


Item #8

Alien 3      Heru     Blood Syndicate (3)

Flash      James Bond 007     Batman

The Adventures of Superman

Catastrophe- The End of The Cinema?

Mutatis     Iron Man

Ghost Rider & Blaze Spirits of Vengeance

The Silver Surfer Warlock Resurrection

Heavy Hitters Feud (4)    The H.A.R.D. Corps

Popeye the Sailor "The Mountain that talked Back"

The Pink Panther    Masters of The Universe

The Robert Shapiro Story     Justice Machine

12 Clamshell1.JPG

Measures 10.5 x 7"


Item #12

50% off

Leather Sachalin Riding Boots by Gucci

Used but in beautiful condition! 

Size 8 US (38 European) 

Price reduced from $300 to $125

Item #13


Stainless Steel Hand-Crafted Swords

Duo Sword Set, Made in China

Serial BK-1057

Our Price $60

Item #16

17a Louis L'amour.jpg
17b Louis L'amour.jpg
17d Louis L'amour.jpg
Price Reduced!

Louis L'amour Hardcover Collection

50 Books

Bantam Books, Inc

Reduced from $150 to $75

Item #17

18a Isabella Fiore.jpg
18c Isabella Fiore.jpg
18b Isabella Fiore.jpg

Isabella Fiore Purse

Gently Used

Our Price $50

Item #18

19b British Print.jpg
19a British Print.jpg

18th Century British "Children at Play"

Hand Colored Print in Frame

Circa 1840's

Measures 9.5" long x 9" wide

Our Price $125

Item #19

Price Reduced - Two for $75
Proto Tool Chest2.jpg
Lumidor Tool Chest.jpg

TWO Tool Chests!

In Good, Usable Condition

Reduced price for both -  $75

Items #20 & #21

22a Fur Coat Hat.JPG

Vintage Paris (Faux) fur coat

& Italian Brigitte fur hat.

$69 for the set

Item #22

22b Fur Coat Hat.JPG
23.2 Painting.jpg
23 Painting.jpg

Carl Funseth "Gonzaga University" Signed Print


Item #23

24 Wire Stripper.jpg
24.1 Wire Stripper.jpg

CO-Z Automatic Electric Wire Stripper

Valued at $300

Our Price:  $150

Item #24

Item #26.1.jpg

Beautiful Set!

Our Price:  $42

Item #26

27b Hamilton Watch2.jpg
27a Hamilton Watch1.jpg
27c Hamilton Watch3.jpg

Hamilton Watch

Rolled 10k Gold

Our Price: $150

Item #27

Gameboy Advance3.jpg

Gameboy Advance Model # AGB-001

No charger

Games Included: Barbie- Horse Adventures, Over The Hedge, Horesez, Disney Princess Royal Adventure, Donkey Kong Country 2, Barbie Secret Agent

Our Price: $50

Item #28

29 Nintendo3.jpeg
29 Nintendo1.jpeg
29 NintendoDS4.jpg

1 Nintendo 3DS 2011

1 Nintendo 3DS 2008

1 Nintendo DS Lite 

Twelve Games

Two Chargers

Two Plastic Game Storage Cases


The Bundle- $200

Item #29

Item #30.5.jpg
Item #30.2.jpg
Item # 30.4.jpg

Total of 5 VINTAGE Pyrex Mixing Bowls

Our Price:  $65

Item #30